This License is an agreement between anyone downloading the Microdioramas digital files and the original creator or creators (Artists)

  1. License Grant: The artists grant you the right to use, download, and copy their digital designs. Additionally, you’re permitted to sell physical prints of these designs, but no digital sale is allowed whatsoever.
  2. Credit and Linking: If you decide to sell physical versions of the designs, it’s essential to credit the original artist and provide a working and updated link back to the page where the digital file is hosted. This credit should be clear and visible on all platforms where the item is sold or displayed.
  3. Ownership and Attribution: The designs remain the intellectual property of the original artists. Whenever you use, display, or sell a physical copy of a design, it’s crucial to acknowledge the artists as the original creators.
  4. Collaborative Creations: Remember, a single Microdiorama can be a team effort! The figures and the diorama itself might be crafted by different talented artists. So, when giving credit, ensure that each artist gets their due recognition for their specific contribution.
  5. Modifications: Refrain from altering, adapting, or creating new works based on the original designs without explicit written permission from the artists.
  6. Restrictions on Sharing: Distributing or sharing the digital designs with others, especially on file-sharing platforms or 3D model databases, is not allowed unless you have written consent from the artists.
  7. Availability and Distribution: If an artist decides to remove their designs or if they become unavailable to the public, this doesn’t grant permission to distribute or share them.
  8. Copyright: All copyrights and intellectual property rights for the designs are retained by the artist and are protected under international copyright laws.
  9. Termination: If these guidelines aren’t followed, the rights granted to you can be revoked by the artist without prior notice. In particular, any physical sale of the model will have to terminate immediately.

By using, downloading, copying, or selling physical prints of the Works, you agree to be bound by the terms of this License.