Why We Are Here

Because small scales are beautiful. We are aware of it, you are aware of it, yet many hobbyists may not recognize this potential.

When one claims, “I couldn’t possibly paint something so small,” we offer a solution – present them with a Microdiorama. It’s a tangible proof that working with such miniatures can be surprisingly simple and swift. Each piece can showcase a whole range of terrain elements and figures and can fit on virtually any resin printer: people won’t say no to fit one or two Microdioramas on the 3D printer’s plate when filling it with other files!

This initiative sprung from a close-knit group of 6mm sculptors, painters, and creatives who sought to challenge not only themselves but also others. We aim to foster a new trend that heightens everyone’s awareness for small-scale miniatures. Because, above all, it’s fun!

A Closer Look

A Microdiorama is more than a small display piece. It’s a meticulously designed creation built on a 2 cm cube (or plinth) and brimming with intricate terrain and figures. Collaboration is often the key, with different sculptors and artists contributing to a single piece, typically dividing the work between terrain and figure sculpting.

Each diorama serves as an excellent platform for artists to showcase their work. A segment of a tank or a building becomes an ideal sample piece, offering potential customers a glimpse of the artist’s capability without overlapping with the wargaming products many of us offer in our stores.

Free Access, Responsible Sharing

We believe that all Microdioramas, both the plinths and the figures, should be accessible to everyone at no cost.

However, this does not imply that the files are in the public domain. The right to share these files resides solely with the original creators. No one may modify the files without the creators’ permission and share it afterwards. The origin of each Microdiorama must always be transparent, and due credit must be provided to the original creators. Respect for intellectual property rights is paramount in our community.