We believe in the power of creativity and encourage everyone to express it through their Microdioramas! While we’re not going to knock at your doors to enforce our rules, we’ve put together these guidelines to maintain a consistent style across the site and to enhance everyone’s experience.

Remember, every creative effort is good and increases awareness for small scale modelling!

1. Follow the guidelines in the Modelling Guide

Not all guidelines are to be strictly adhered to – feel free to break some rules and get creative! However, if you’re submitting one of your first Microdioramas and find yourself breaking several guidelines, this might be a sign you should try to align more closely with the guide.

Check out the Modelling Guide to get a better idea of whether your model is a good fit for the Microdioramas Database.

2. Submit the file for a Quick Validation

Please submit your digital files for a quick validation: our team will check the mesh for any obvious issues.

We can’t guarantee the printability of every creator’s work, but we aim to ensure a minimum level of printability before posting links to files. We are a small community and truly want everyone to participate, but please be receptive if we find any issue with the files and ask to resubmit one model.

As a rule of the thumb, try to keep your Microdiorama files under 150MB, and ideally around 100MB. Remesh and Decimate are your friends.

3. Provide two renders of the Microdiorama.

We ask for at least two renders of your Microdiorama. We’ll provide further details and specifications for the required render sizes soon. To ensure consistency in our database, please match the render style and image angles to the settings provided in our rendering studio Blender file.

4. Provide more content

Each submission requires a short title and an excerpt of fewer than 24 words. Feel free to add more images, text, and even sketches of concept art for the diorama.

Please also provide the names of the sculptor(s) for both the terrain and the models. These will be featured alongside any links to the product pages of the dioramas in corresponding stores.